Hackrfi, founded in 2016, is the first company in the Nordics focusing solely on bug bounty program management. The people behind the company are well known and experienced Finnish security professionals. We bring together top security researchers and organisations taking their security seriously.


Next generation security testing. As a service.


Modern security

With Hackrfi you can enhance your security posture with state of the art methods.


Security experience in years

The staff of Hackrfi have over 30 years of combined security experience.


Audits and reviews

You're in the hands of real professionals, we have done over 100 security audits, assessments, reviews or penetration tests.

The Hackrfi staff

Thomas Malmberg

"I've been in the security field over 7 years. I'm a risk management and security consultant (CRISC, CISA) and the coordinator of the LocalTapiola bug bounty program."

Lea Viljanen

"I've been a security consultant (CISSP & GSNA) for over 20 years. I have over a hundred security audits or reviews under my belt in all kinds of demanding environments."

Do you want to become a bounty hunter?

Create an account to our reporting portal, where you can submit reports to open programs.