The currently open public bug bounty programs are listed below. For each program there is the client organisation, bounty payment structure and the program duration. Since rules for each program may be different, please read carefully the detailed description and the rules from the dedicated program page. There you can also do bug reporting.

MPASSid Bug Bounty

Public Program | OKM and CSC | MPASSid Bug Bounty

The modern teaching environment requires an easy way of logging in to various systems schools and education institutions have. That's why MPASSid was developed. MPASSid is an identity provider owned by the Ministry of Education and Culture, which enables a login to various school services via one login form. Right now it has over 100 000 students and about 9000 teachers using it.

100€ - 10 000€

21.9.2018 at 15:00 EET DST - 21.3.2019

Bonusway Bug Bounty

Public Program | Bonusway | Bonusway Bug Bounty

Bonusway launches the Bonusway Bug Bounty program to find out critical security issues related to our promises to our clients.

50€ - 5.000€

18.09.2018 - TBD

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